Travelling to Langkawi

Travelling to Langkawi

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Suess

We travelled to Langkawi from Singapore and spent a week on this beautiful Island. This was our first time travelling to Langkawi and we were looking for somewhere to relax at a resort and be surrounded by nature. When we were researching for accommodation, I was drawn to one particular resort over the others and it was largely because this resort was surrounded by an ancient rainforest.

Where we stayed:

The Andaman Resort – The key selling point for this resort is the rainforest and all the wildlife. We love watching animals in their natural habitat! As we approached the resort we started seeing Dusky Leaf Monkeys everywhere. These monkeys are the absolute cutest, with big white circles around their eyes that gives the appearance of wearing a mask. They are naturally quite shy and do not approach humans. They were such a joy to watch swinging through the trees and grooming each other.

The resort offers nature walks each morning and night and we made sure we went on these walks as often as we could. We were able to see lots of animals such as flying lemurs, snakes, monkeys, crabs, monitor lizards and birds. And they also have a Coral Nursery, Miss I thoroughly enjoyed this Nursery and we were able to feed lots of reef fish and

The pool was a hit for the kids with a slide and shallow area with bridges and spa. We met some very lovely families here and all the kids banded together to play in the pool and enjoy the kids club. Staff were friendly and always ensuring that we were happy and looked after. We also had lots of water activities to choose from. One day we took the kayaks out and kayaked to a deserted Island not too far from the resort with crystal clear water and we just relaxed, swam and made sands castles with no one else in sight.

Things to do:

By the third day at the resort we wanted to do more exploring so we hired a car and set off to see what we could find.

The Oriental village– a short drive from The Andaman Resort you will find the Oriental village. Here is the Cable Car base, also Trick eye museum, Elephant trekking, small convenience stores and tourist shops as well as small cafes.

Cable cars or SkyCab–You need to take the cable cars to get to the sky bridge which is the longest free span and curved bridge in the world (at the time of writing) a really impressive bridge and the views are simply magical.

3D Art in Paradise– this is a trick eye museum and apparently the second largest in the world. I had heard of these museums but never visited one before this trip. Miss I loved this, it was a great idea to do this to escape some of the heat too! Miss I, got completely into character and wanted to act out all the scenes from the photos. We took some really fun photos here.

On the way back to the resort we stopped off at a waterfall. It was a bit of a hike to get too, but well worth it. The water was refreshing and clear and there were lots of people jumping around and having fun.

The rest of the time we spent doing yoga or dancing on the yoga platform, getting massages overlooking the ocean and relaxing as a family.

Where to eat:

We ate pretty much the whole time at the resort and can highly recommend the Teppanyaki restaurant.

This was one of the more low-key holidays that we have been on with Miss I and we all left feeling very relaxed and chilled out.

Leanne x

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